Join the Jasper Volunteer Fire Brigade

The JVFB is always looking for new talent to join our ranks.  We do a hiring approximately every three years and recruit as many people as are necessary at the time to fill current and anticipated vacancies.  We encourage people who would like to become members to e-mail or deliver in person a resume and cover letter even if a hiring is not currently underway.  Hiring periods are not on a specific schedule as they occur in response to the retirement of current members and changes in staffing.


Applicant requirements

  • Resident of Jasper for at least one year prior to application.
  • Primary residence located within the town site
  • Commitment of 5 years of service.
  • Ability to attend 42/52 weekly training sessions and willingness to respond to calls as frequently as possible.
  • Class V drivers license
  • Male and female applicants welcome.


Skills that are of benefit

  • Previous firefighting experience or training.
  • EMS/first aid/rescue training or experience.
  • Rope skills - low angle rescue systems experience.
  • Swift water rescue.
  • Chainsaw and other power tool experience.
  • Leadership skills and the ability to follow direction.
  • Class III drivers license or air-brakes endorsement.
  • Comfort with emergency situations, injured patients, heights, adverse conditions, and short duration high stress events.


A few things to know about the job

  • The JVFB is a truly volunteer organization, members do not receive an honorarium.
  • Training occurs every Tuesday evening for ~3 hrs.
  • Averaged out over the course of the year we respond to approximately one incident per week, though they occur quite sporadically.
  • Roughly 3/4 of responses involve motor vehicle accidents.
  • We do not operate regularly scheduled duty crews except for special events and occasions.