Firesmart - Forest Wise

forestwise Jasper

ForestWise is a system designed to limit the exposure of the Jasper townsite and surrounding developments to wildfire.  This has been a joint effort between the municipality of Jasper and Parks Canada since 2004.  It involves managing forest fire fuels around the town to create a buffer allowing a safe vantage to work from to fight a wildfire and so that a wildfire in the region will have diminished intensity as it approaches the town.


Firesmart your home

FireSmart is a program that allows you to limit your property's exposure in the event of a wildfire in the region.  The goal of the system is to prevent the spread of fire from neighboring structures, vegetation, and as a result of falling ash.  This is accomplished through building maintenance, landscaping, vegetation management, and construction considerations.  Some steps are as simple as keeping eavestroughs clean and minimizing vegetation growth adjacent to structures.  Other steps are more costly and complex, for example, replacing your cedar shake roof with a more fire resistant material.

The FireSmart and ForestWise programs work together to prevent wildfires from igniting structures within the town of Jasper and local developed areas, as well as, mitigating propagation of fire between structures if a wildfire reaches our developed areas

To determine what steps you can take to limit risk to your property in the event of wildfire visit, or contact the Jasper Fire Department.